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Supplemental Records Request email:  Records.MMMEG@gmail.com

Death Certificate     /     Cremation Permit     /     Supplemental Reports

The Medical Examiner is required by Michigan to investigate deaths that are sudden, suspicious, unexpected, accidental, or violent deaths. The Medical Examiner has the authority to order an autopsy if it is necessary to determine the cause of death.

A family member should choose a funeral home as a first step in the process. The funeral homes or cremation facilities work with crematories and vital records for death certificates and also with the family involved.


Please email:  Records.MMMEG@gmail.com


DEATH CERTIFICATE REQUESTS – Please email or fax the Medical Portion of the DC to fax and email listed above.


Wexford County policy is a $50 permit fee. Fees are to be paid in advance as detailed below.

  • Death Certificates that are to be signed by the PCP…..Cremation Permit Requests.
    • Please obtain a PCP  signature on the DC.
    • Please go to www.govpaynow.com, 1-888-604-7888, or visit the Clerk’s Office to prepay.
      • www.govpaynow.com  PCL:  9234.
      • Or what would you like to do?  (Pay Permits) — State? (Michigan) — Agency? (Wexford County Clerk).
      • Case File Number:  Not Necessary.
      • Payment Type (Cremation Permits).
      • Notes:  Name of Deceased and Date of Death.
    • Please fax or scan the (3) documents (Payment Receipt – DC – Creamation Permit filled out) to the M.E. office – midmichiganmegroup@gmail.com or fax 231-440-0806.
    • Please include your email address and fax number.
    • A cremation permit review will be conducted and requests fulfilled.  Our policy is a 24hr turnaround period.  Please call if you have an extenuating circumstance.
  • Medical Examiner Death Certificates….Cremation Permit Requests.
    • All of the above except you will include a DC for the M.E. to fill out.