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Wexford County GIS

Wexford County GIS is under the direction of the Wexford County Equalization Department. GIS is responsible for the development, maintenance and promotion of geographic data for the public and private sectors. GIS plays an active role in land information, road inventory, building and zoning, addressing, public safety (E911 and Emergency Management), Township and public service support. Commonly produced maps consist of parcel maps, road maps, zoning maps and high resolution aerial photo maps.
Currently, Wexford County GIS is using and maintaining approximately 110 layers of geographic data.  New geographic data and applications are currently under development.  GIS is available for your projects large or small, from simple parcel maps to advanced 3D mapping.  Visit Wexford County GIS and see what we can do for you!

GIS Objectives

  • To provide County officials, County departments, Townships, other agencies and the public with responsive and innovative GIS services such as accurate maps, technical support, digital data and local coordination.
  • To continue the acquisition and development of new and useful geospatial data.
  • To promote and assist other County departments with potential GIS access and usage.
  • To continously maintain the existing GIS library as changes occur.

Plat Books


Michigan State University Extension sells Wexford County Plat Books and can be obatined by contacting them at:

401 N. Lake St. #400 Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone: 231-779-9480

Proceeds from the sale of this plat book support 4-H Youth Programing in Wexford