City/Township/Village Treasurers

Village taxes are issued July 1st and payable to the Village through September 14th.  September 15th and after they are collected by the Wexford County Treasurer.

The Village of Mesick Treasurer collects a Village Special Sewer Assessment (included with Village tax for those applicable properties).

 Summer Taxes are issued July 1st        Winter Taxes are issued December 1st

All real property taxes are payable through February 28th to the City & Township Treasurers.

March 1st and after, real property taxes will be subject to a 4% administrative fee and interest as required by law, and shall be collected by the  Wexford County Treasurer, PO BOX 293, Cadillac MI 49601.

2311-Antioch Twp, Treas, Kathy Jo Soerries, PO Box 690, Mesick MI 49668, Hall-231-885-2398

2211-Boon Twp Treas, Toni Oswalt, PO Box 105, Boon MI  49618 Hall 775-8012

2309-Cedar Creek Twp Treas, Mary Hallett, 6670 E 14 Rd, Manton MI 231-824-3277 Hall 824-3621

2110-Cherry Grove Twp Treas, Kari Hanus, 4830 E M 55, Cadillac MI 49601 Hall 231-775-6669 or visit

2109-Clam Lake Twp Treas, Lesa Wade, 8809 E M 115, Cadillac MI 49601 Hall 231-775-5401

2310-Colfax Twp Treas, Ruth Reddy, 2480 E 24 Rd, Cadillac MI  49601 231-775-4626

2410-Greenwood Twp Treas, Joann Cerka, PO Box 398, Manton MI 49663 231-824-3367

2411-Hanover Twp Treas, Michele Beeman, PO Box 334, Buckley MI 49620 231-269-4178

2209-Haring Twp Treas, Elizabeth McCain, 515 Bell Ave, Cadillac MI 49601 231-775-8822 or visit

2111-Henderson Twp Treas, Cathy Knight, 10136 S 21 Rd, Cadillac MI 49601 231-862-3241

2409-Liberty Twp Treas, Cynthia Deibert, 7141 US 131 N, Manton MI 49663 231-824-9210

2210-Selma Twp Treas, Sara Hettich, 3474 S 29 Rd. Cadillac MI 231-775-4558 Hall 231-775-5071

2212-Slagle Twp Treas, Connie Roush, PO Box 66, Harrietta MI 49638  231-884-1552

2112-South Branch Twp Treas, Donna K. Taylor, 6661 S 1 1/2 Rd, Harrietta MI 49638 Hall 231-862-3600 

2312-Springville Twp Treas, Wendy Floury, PO Box 323, Mesick MI 49668 231-885-1964

2412-Wexford Twp Treas, David Fox, 8528 W 6 1/2 Rd, Mesick, MI 49668 231-269-3064

10-City of Cadillac Treas, Keri Lanning, 200 Lake St, Cadillac, MI 49601 231-779-7336

MN-City of Manton Treas, Marlene Lott , PO Box 100, Manton MI 49963 231-824-3572

2411B-Village of Buckley Treas, Jacqueline Cade, 717 E Wexford Ave, Buckley MI 49620 231-269-3790

2211V & 2212V-Village of Harrietta Treas, Michelle Wing, 128 W Garland, PO Box 101, Harrietta MI 49638 231-429-7906

2312M-Village of Mesick Treas, Lorene McLeod, PO Box 206, Mesick MI 49668 231-846-4728