Dog License Information

Dog licenses can be purchased at/from any City or Township Treasurer from December 1, through February 28th.  They can be purchased from most local veternarians, Animal Control and the Wexford county Treasurer’s Office at any time.  Fees are as follows:

Male/Female –              $5.00

Spayed/Neutered –       $3.00

After March 1st, fees are doubled unless puppy (6 months or younger). Replacement tags are $1.50. 

For microchip implantation contact your local veternarian, or call 1-800-252-7894 to find the AKC vet nearest you.  A statewide tattoo identification registry is maintained by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  For additional information call (517) 373-1077 or visit:

For dog tattoos call 1-800-252-7894 or visit  Applications for dog tattoos are available at the County Treasurer’s Office.