Child Support Specialist

The Wexford County Prosecutor’s Office assists in filing and pursuing child support orders in specific cases. Under Title IV D, the U.S. provides assistance in obtaining child support orders in situations when children are born to unmarried parents.

The filing of these cases is triggered when the mother of a newborn seeks state assistance through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). In order to qualify for and receive governmental assistance, such as food stamps and more, DHHS sends the parent to the Wexford County Prosecutor for filing of a child support action.

If the parent elects not to pursue a child support order against the other parent, then DHHS may declare the parent as uncooperative and terminate governmental assistance. DHHS may elect not to terminate assistance if it finds good cause for the parent not to seek support. If the parent does pursue and obtain a child support order, then the government may collect from the paid support a portion to compensate for governmental provided assistance, including any birthing expenses incurred.

Not all child support actions are adversarial. If the parents can reach an amicable resolution, our specialist can assist in the preparation of the necessary orders.

These actions are filed and processed through the Friend of Court for the 28th Circuit Court – Probate/Family Division.

The funding for our office’s assistance is paid for under Title IV D through DHHS.