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Family Circle is a co-parenting program presented by the Wexford/Missaukee Friend of the Court to help give parents a better understanding of how to co-parent while putting their children first and not in the middle.  Family Circle can be Court ordered, but is also available to anyone interested in learning more about becoming a better co-parent.

This two-part presentation helps parents learn how to best navigate the ins and outs of co-parenting from two different homes, focusing on how divorce and separation effects children and parents.  Some of what parents will learn about include common mistakes parents make with their children during this time, how to best communicate with their co-parent, skills for building resilience in your children, and how parents can keep the best interests of their children in mind through this process. 

The goal of Family Circle is for parents to learn how to make this time as positive as possible for themselves and their children and also to build the foundation for a strong future together.

Family Circle co-parenting classes are held at the Wexford County Lake Street Building at 401 N. Lake Street in Cadillac.  Parents can attend either the 9:00 am or the 3:00 pm session.  Classes are held over two days and run up to two hours per session.  If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the next Family Circle session, you may call 231-779-9494 extension 2005. 

2023 DATES 

Tue, January 10 Wed, January 11
Tue, January 24 Wed, January 25
Tue, February 7 Wed, February 8
Wed, February 22 Thu, February 23
Tue, March 7 Wed, March 8
Tue, March 21 Wed, March 22
Tue, April 4 Wed, April 5
Tue, April 18 Wed, April 19
Tue, May 2 Wed, May 3
Tue, May 16 Wed, May 17
Tue, June 6 Wed, June 7
Tue, June 27 Wed, June 28
Tue, July 11 Wed, July 12
Tue, July 25 Wed, July 26
Tue, August 8 Wed, August 9
Tue, August 22 Wed, August 23
Tue, September 19 Wed, September 20
Tue, September 26 Wed, September 27
Tue, October 10 Wed, October 11
Tue, October 24 Wed, October 25
Tue, November 7 Wed, November 8
Tue, November 28 Wed, November 29
Tue, December 5 Wed, December 6
Tue, December 19 Wed, December 20