Jury Instructions

The following dates below are DISTRICT COURT jury trial dates for JULY, 2018, Panel A

As information becomes available, this website will be updated to tell jurors of any cancellation of the trial dates. If a particular trial is cancelled, jurors do not need to call the court the day before that trial unless they would like to. 

If you would like to call, the phone number is 231-779-9517, ext #1. You may call anytime after 5:00 p.m. on the day before the scheduled trial date. 


Jury Selection
If you receive a summons to appear for jury duty, you will be required to report to the 84th District Court on your scheduled jury day. The summons will include the address, date and time to appear. Please mark the date on your calendar and advise your employer that you have been called for jury duty. 

How a Jury Is Chosen
The County Jury Commission chooses prospective jurors from a random computer selection by driver’s licenses and Michigan identification cards. Prospective jurors are randomly selected from these questionnaires for jury duty. 

How a Jury Is Chosen for Trial
After arriving for your assigned date, each prospective juror is chosen from a blind draw. Each prospective juror is then interviewed by the defense and prosecuting attorneys to determine if they will be chosen as a juror. 

Why We Need You
Being a juror is a vital part of our justice system. It is the duty of each American citizen to serve jury duty when called. It is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. Your participation in our legal system as a juror is the cornerstone of our justice system.

Jury Trial Date Details

Friday, July 20, 2018 – 8:45 a.m.