Useful Jurer Information

The Wexford County Courthouse is located at 437 East Division Street, Cadillac, Michigan.  The parking lot is located behind the courthouse to the north and is accessible off Holbrook Street, half a block to the east.  There is one entrance to the courthouse from the parking lot.  Upon entry and clearance of security, turn to the left and walk through the Hall of Heroes.  At the end of the hall turn left to find the elevator and a stairwell.  Take either to the top (3rd) floor.  You will enter the historic side of the courthouse.  The courtroom is down the hall.  If you are a potential juror, please check in with the Clerk who will be waiting outside the courtroom.  If you are a client or attorney, you may check in with the Court staff down the first hallway to the right.  If you have any questions, you may call (231) 779-9490. 

Click this link for a map of the courthouse:

                                                                                Courthouse Map

 The Court is committed to providing prospective jurors with an equal and full opportunity to participate in jury service.  If you have a disability and/or need an accommodation, please contact the A.D.A. Coordinator, Nicole Hagstrom, by phone at (231) 779-9518, or by e-mail at