Contact Information

401 North Lake St., Cadillac, MI 49601
Phone: (231) 779-9465
Fax: (231) 779-9110
Hours: Monday-Thursday
(Closed Fridays)
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
(Closed 12:00 – 1:00 pm for lunch)

Building Officials

Robert Scarbrough: Building Official
(231) 779-9465
(Inspects Monday through Thursday)

Brooke Fuller: Administrative Assistant/Soil Erosion Agent
(231) 779-9465

Scott Waddell: Electrical Inspector
(231) 920-9065
(Avail. Wednesdays for inspections)
Bruce Finnerty: Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector
(231) 920-9066 
(Avail. Tuesdays for inspections)

Our Coverage Area

  • The Wexford County Building Department issues construction code permits (building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits) for all areas of Wexford County except for the following:
  • Cedar Creek Township and The City of Manton:  Issues their own building permits
  •  The City of Cadillac: Issues their own building, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and SESC permits

Cadillac-Wexford  Airport Authority
Length of term: 2 years

Raymond Hill (expires 12/31/20)
Bill King (expires 12/31/19)
Bill Paul (expires 12/31/19)
Nathan Paquin (expires 12/31/20)

Joeseph Barron-City Appointee (expires 10/15/20)
Karl Holder-City Appointee (expires 8/21/19)
Fred Osborn-City Appointee (expires 2/22/21)

Cadillac-Wexford Public Library Board
Length of term: 5 years

Kathleen Cline (expires 12/31/22)
Lee Jones (expires 12/31/19)
Linda Kimbel (expires 12/31/23)
Vicki Long (expires 12/31/20)
Brian Valice (expires 12/31/21)

Cadillac-Wexford Transit Authority
Length of term: 2 years

Larry Copley (expires 12/31/20)
Rosanne Denny (expires 12/31/19)
Mark Howie (expires 12/31/20)
Eleanor Sosenko (expires 12/31/19)

Michael Hayes-City Appointee (expires 6/5/20)

Construction Board of Appeals 
Length of term: 3 years

Paul Keller (expires 10/31/19)
Scott Kleinsorge (expires 10/31/20)
Stephen Perry (expires 10/31/19)
Mark Richardson (expires 10/31/21) 
Randy Williams (expires 10/31/21) 

Department of Health & Human Services
Length of term: 3 years

Bob Colvin (expires 12/31/19)
Roger Hopkins (expires 12/31/20)

Yvonne Hebert-State Appointee (expires 2021)

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Services Board
Length of term: 3 years

Rosanne Denny (expires 3/31/20)
Ben Townsend (expires 3/31/21)

Networks Northwest-Workforce Development Board
Length of term: 3 years

Ken Bollman (expires 12/31/19)
Leslie Nowlin (expires 12/31/21)

Wexford County Road Commission
Length of term: 6 years

Harold Falan (expires 12/31/24)
Lorne Haase (expires 12/31/20)
Harry Hagstrom (expires 12/31/22)
Dean Jurik (expires 12/31/19)
Jim Leggett (expires 12/31/21)

Veterans' Services Committee
Length of term: 4 years

Jack Baughan (expires 12/31/21)
Susan Marcum (expires 12/31/19)
Joe Porterfield (expires 12/31/22)
Gary Taylor (expires 12/31/20)

Wexford Missaukee Community Corrections Advisory Board
Length of term: 2 years
All terms expire 12/31/19

Trent Taylor, Wexford Sheriff
Will Yancer, Missaukee Sheriff
William Fagerman, Circuit Court Judge
Audrey Van Alst, District Court Judge
Melissa Ransom, Probate Court Judge
Julie Theobald, Wexford Commissioner
Dean Smallegan, Missaukee Commissioner
Jason Elmore, Wexford PA
David DenHouten, Missaukee PA
Charles Kennard, Wexford Circuit Court Probation Agent
Laura O'Dell, Missaukee Circuit Court. Probation Agent
Kristie Hatinger, Dist. Court Probation
Brian Hoffman, Criminal Defense Attorney
John Mellish, Rep. of Business Community
William Barnett, Rep. of Media Communications
Dale Rosser, Rep. of General Public
Rebecca Gomez, Rep. of Substance Abuse 

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Building Department

AS OF JANUARY 1, 2017.


Colfax and Henderson Township- No Zoning
Cedar Creek Township: Wendy Johnson 231-824-6543
Clam Lake Township: Cindy Warda 231-775-5401 Ext 6, (Office Tuesdays 9-1)
Haring Township: Mike Green 231-920-2029 (Office-Fridays 9-1)

Wexford Joint Planning Commission:
(Which includes Antioch, Boon, Cherry Grove, Greenwood, Hanover, Liberty, Selma, Slagle, Springville, South Branch, and Wexford Townships):
Robert Hall 231-775-1138 Ext 6  Office: Cherry Grove Township Hall 4830 E M-55 Hwy Cadillac, MI 49601; at the rear of the fire station
Office Hours: Weds. 8 am-5 pm, Thurs. 8 am-12 pm, Fri. 8 am-12 pm
Fax: 231-775-0037 Attn: Wexford Joint Planning Commission

City of Cadillac: 231-775-0181 Ext 101 or 102
City of Manton: 231-824-3572
Village of Mesick: 231-885-1646
Village of Buckley: 231-269-3555
Village of Harrietta: 122 Davis, PO BOX 40, Harrietta, MI 48638-0040



Permit Requirement Checklists

Building Permit Applications

Sorry for any inconvenience, but we only accept cash or check for payment. No credit/debit cards accepted.

Building Permit Application

Manufactured Home Permit Application
Building Dept Information Packet
Building Permit Fee Schedule
Residential Dwelling Specifications
Detached Garage Specifications
Residential Pole Barn Specifications
Residential Deck Specifications
Homeowners Affidavit  – Required for a homeowner who intends to act as the general contractor for the purposes of building a single-family residence, even if a licensed builder is significantly involved with the construction.
Agricultural Building Exemption Request -For any building used exclusively for agricultural purposes. (Zoning permit approval is required prior to submitting)
New Address Application – For new residential dwelling or commercial structure needing a physical address. Must be submitted to Building Department with all required documents upon application. *Wexford County does not assign addresses to vacant property nor accessory structures*
Plumbing Permit
Mechanical Permit
Electrical Permit
RES check compliance worksheet (from US Department of Energy website)
Soil Erosion And Sedimentation Control Permit Application – For earth change activity within 500 feet from a creek, lake, river, stream, or county drain or for earth changes that exceed one (1) acre.
SESC Permit Waiver – For projects within 500′ of a lake, river, or stream and either disturb less than 225 sq ft OR will be completed within 24 hours

Previous Codes and Ordinances