28th Circuit Court

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*Tuesday, July 02, 2024 Jury Trial – Panels C and D-CANCELLED*




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Last Updated  06/25/2024 


84th District Court

Useful Jurer Information

Prospective Jurors are selected by random for jury service from Secretary of State records and are mailed a Juror Qualification Questionnaire annually.  You are required to answer and return this questionnaire within 10 days after receiving it.  Refusing to answer or making untruthful answers could result in fine, imprisonment, or both for contempt of court.

Wexford County juror service is a two month term for service in the 28th Circuit, 84th District and Probate Courts for Wexford County. 

Not all scheduled dates will be used for jury trials as some jury cases may be settled or postponed.  We also have a telephone call-in confirmation system which allows you to find out whether you will be needed on the scheduled dates.

Jury duty is an important civic service.  We thank you for your time and service to our county.  If you are interested in learning more about jury duty, what to expect, and more, please click on this link to information and orientation videos provided by the Michigan Supreme Court.  Jurors (michigan.gov).

You want to read more about not just the jury selection process, but the conducting of a trial, you may click on this link to a detailed article presented by the Michigan State Bar written for potential jurors.  Your Role as a Juror (michbar.org).

Qualifications and Exemptions for Juror service are detailed in MCL 600.1307a.  https://www.legislature.mi.gov/Laws/MCL?objectName=MCL-600-1307A

If you wish to seek request an exemption or excusal from jury duty, you will need to put your request in writing either by way of written letter or via email to Honorable Jason J. Elmore. The court will respond in writing to your request to be excused. Jury excusal requests made after 1:00 PM the day before a trial will not be allowed. Please mail your written letter to:

Honorable Jason J. Elmore
437 E. Division Street
Cadillac, MI  49601

Your emailed request may be sent to circuitcourt@wexfordcounty.org and you must put the comment “jury excuse and your name” in the comment line.  Jury excuse requests must be made in advance and before 1pm the day before trial.

Requests for excusal or exemption should include detailed information, such as dates and time of medical appointments, written proof from your medical provider, statement from your employer, or, in the case of travel plans, documentation in the form of tickets or hotel reservations.

Pursuant to MCL 600.1307a(3) An individual who is a nursing mother may claim exemption from jury service for the period during which she is nursing her child and must be exempt upon making the request providing a letter from a physician, a lactation consultant or a certified midwife verifying that she is a nursing mother.

We are attempting to make your legal duty to serve as a juror as convenient for you as possible.  We sincerely hope that you will find the experience educational.